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Richard Kabanuck
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"In 2008 we decided to skip our Christmas vacation and travel to Istanbul, Turkey without reservations, maps or even a sensible plan. This short trip consequently evolved into an unintentional around the world adventure that eventually led us on to a Bolivian jungle road with a flat tire and no gas. But, as we dehydrated under the sun it occurred to us how handy some local information would be, and need I say more, BeenWhere was hatched."


About BeenWhere

It's the possibility of a new experience, the hope of an endless horizon, and a different sun each morning that liberates your spirit — it's through travel that you discover this.

Welcome to, a travel glossary. We're here to inspire your journey, encourage your ambitions, and supply you with knowledge. We provide a simple and straight-forward platform where our users gather local and useful information about their known, or unknown, destination. Travelers use to gain an understanding of what they need for their audacious adventure, and then come back to share what they've learned for others to use. is a group of intrepid explorers searching the world and we don't accept the ordinary vacation as a cultural experience; we live our vacations as unthinkable adventures untapped by the common traveler. Live it with us!

The Founders

A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy with a degree in Entrepreneurial Management, Chas is the financial strategist behind BeenWhere. Chas is training to become an Air Force pilot. As an avid outdoorsman and adventure seeker, Chas is constantly looking for his next story to tell and mountain to ski.

A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy with a degree in Geosciences, Dominick equips BeenWhere with a heavy dose of first-rate creativity. Dominick is the brilliance behind BeenWhere's marketing and advertising operations. Without stress, Dom lives life on the edge and always brings the fiesta.

After becoming a letter winner with the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux football team, Rylan graduated from UND with a degree in Urban Planning. Rylan brings a meticulous approach and international proficiency to BeenWhere. He’s the corporate strategist guiding the advancement of BeenWhere to the next level of support. Currently, Rylan serves in the Air Force as a navigator.

A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy with a degree in System’s Engineering, Tyler is charged with project management. Tyler fuses BeenWhere’s concurrent ventures to create a consistent and valuable service. Tyler was a collegiate baseball player and now makes memories as an Air Force pilot and a passionate Colorado outdoorsman in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.