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Cairo, Egypt: ride a camel

Added: December, 2011 • Views: 10

About my trip

2 Day Trip to Cairo from Athens, Greece to see the Pyramids. We were standing in front of the makeshift track designed for the first Olympics in Greece when we came to the realization that we needed to continue to explore history in the first person, and right then and there we bought tickets to to Cairo. Our plan was simple: arrive at the airport, rent a car, locate the pyramids (how hard could that be), sleep in the car and in the morning explore history. What we ended up getting was the "4 time, double big tour with camels" from the owner of the perfume shop we were coaxed into. We were skeptical about the situation until he offered us a decent price/person for the camel rides ($80) and a couch to sleep on in his dilapidated shop crowded with orphan children. Of course because this would make an amazing story we took the offer.
Long story short, we woke up at 0500 as the sun crossed over the horizon and we rode on camels to witness the beautiful morning pyramids. Unbelievably magical! You can easily relive this experience and of any adventure I've ever taken I would confidently say this was the most fulfilling. To see those unbelievable stone triangles in person and touch what you've only ever seen in books will blow your mind.
We finished this trip to Egypt by driving our car north to Alexandria to see the lighthouse and Stand where the most famous ancient library was once housed. Enjoy the pictures below!

My top tip for this trip

1. After you purchase your plane ticket you can accomplish this trip for about $50/day if you stay in local quality establishments.
2. Ride the camel to the pyramids. $80/ person is a good price. You can find it for cheaper or more expensive depending on what you want to see and the length of time you want to ride. Remember your guide will ask for about a 25% tip but I recommend only about a %10 tip to keep him happy. He'll make you feel bad about it but don't worry it's nothing personal.
3. Never let the people take advantage of you. Negotiate for everything.
4. Rent a car ($100/ day max, but you need to pay in cash and dollars works)if you want to experience Cairo in the rawest form. Renting a car is not like in America. You bid for it from individual owners in the airport and the process can take up to 4 hours. However, consider this part of the cultural experience, but do not let them drag this on for longer than 4 hours, by that point you can threaten the owner by walking away and he'll speed up.
5. If you do drive, it is completely crazy and you are too. (I did it, but I have very little regard for my own life). The passenger must act as a spotter.