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Santo Domingo: Down and Dirty in the Dominican

Added: December, 2011 • Views: 9

About my trip

This was a fun and wild time in Santo Domingo while only briefly visiting the country.
Flight from Miami to Santo Domingo. Getting into the country was easy, cost of $35. Rode a taxi to take me to my hotel. Work a deal with the driver. Spent time in the Districto Nacaional. There are lots of good sites to see, shop to negotiate at, and restaurants to eat great Hispanic and Caribbean food at, always fresh. There is fresh food stands on most corners. Walk around and check it all out. Taxis are a good and safe way to travel around to city.
While walking around the Distrito Nacional, don't let anyone offer to "show you around." This is a total scam and it's what they do - show you around as an unofficial tour guide and try to sucker money out of you for their "services."

My top tip for this trip

1. Walk around and check out the city center
2. Go to the north side of the country to the nicer beaches
3. Drink lots of Mama Juana, the coutry's specialty drink