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Vicenza, Italy 2008

Added: December, 2011 • Views: 5

About my trip

This city is where I spent 5 weeks taking two study abroad classes. Vicenza is a fantastic city to put on your list of places to go on your Italian vacation. The downtown area isn't very big, but that's what's so great about it. It's such a relaxing city. Not once did I ever feel threatened here (Rome you got to always be on your toes, its nuts). Vicenza makes a great place to visit to get away from the big city craziness that you'll experience in say Rome. The downtown doesn't have very many historic sites to be seen, but it makes up for it with shops and fantastic cafes. Vicenza is a 15 min train ride from Venice, 45 min from Padova and Verona, and 3 hours from Florence. Definitely make time to visit Vicenza, you will not regret it.

My top tip for this trip

1. Go to Pizzeria Vesuvio, its in the downtown area (you gotta find it!), its a nice sit down pizza place, very good pizza, cold drinks (hard to find in Italy).

2. Go to the Gelato place near the main square in the downtown area, makes for a great after dinner treat.

3. DONER KEBAB, these are all over Italy, they are a turkish food. Think of it like Italian Taco Bell, it makes a great after bar meal, trust me try one and you'll be hooked. This one is probably the best one I ever had in Italy, its right on the road that leads straight to the train station. Across from the PAM (grocery store).

4. Take a tour of Vicenza if you have time. Vicenza does have some history, but its well hidden to the naked eye.

5. Vicenza has a soccer team. They are a Serie B team (kinda like the minor leagues). Go to a game, buy a jersey from the fan store, and sit behind the home goal. It gets crazy and its a lot of fun.