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Added: January, 2012 • Views: 7

About my trip

We flew into Taipei with 4 days to spend in Taiwan. High-speed trains took us nearly around the entire island where we saw cities, small towns, mountains and beautiful beaches.

My top tip for this trip

In Taipei, check out Taipei 101, now the second tallest building in the world, the Shihlin night market and the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial. Taipei is pretty English friendly.

In Hualien, be sure to check out the Taroko gorge. You can hire a driver from the closest train station and they'll drive you around the mountains and point out some areas of interest. It's also very walkable, so you can opt to have your driver meet up with you later.

If you're looking for beaches, make the trip down to the southern tip to Kenting. There are buses that run often enough to take you from town down to the beach. The people here are friendly as well. We couldn't find our hostel, so a policeman gave us a ride in his squad car!