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Driving and Sailing Thailand

Added: December, 2011 • Views: 9

About my trip

Drove the entire northern half of the country for 8 days looking for ex-patriots while all the while trying to get into Laos for no good reason. Finally, finishing it off with a 4 day sailing excursion around the southern half of Thailand. Unbelievable sailing and exotic islands! The only way to get the most out of this trip is to sail it. This is where you take a girl to really impress her.

My top tip for this trip

1. Plan to stink and sweat all day.
2. You can get by on $300 for 10 days if you don't buy the prostitutes.
3. However, if you do want prostitutes we saw many of them in Pattaya.
4. Finding a sail boat would be much easier if you book ahead of time. However, we found one after looking online while in the Bangkok airport on our way to start sailing. We met with a captain and he hooked us up with a friends boat.